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So – who am I? Well. My name is Zafar Khaliq, or “Zaf” for short, from the United Kingdom. I have undergone extensive training at the hands of some of the leading authorities in the industry; Dean Holland, Matt Clark, Jason. K, Haroon Qureshi, Frank Kern, Ryan Moran… and others.

My journey began only a short while back, at the beginning of 2015. Initially, I didn’t know what to expect and was kind of nervous of throwing myself into the deep ocean of the web. However, knowing that I work best under pressure I decided to simply go for it! I spent my life savings of around £4000 on setting up an Amazon private label business. If I failed – I would have been bust – and that was a risk I was willing to take.

a true entrepreneur is one who takes risks after careful analysis…

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It took me only 4 months to break even and now I have a steady passive income of £1500 per week; give or take a few pounds.

So everything was looking good – I was chilling out and the money was coming in… until one day my dreams were shattered within the space of 30 minutes!

It was at the beginning of June 2016 when I attempted to log into my Amazon Seller Central account and couldn’t. Initially, I thought it was a hijack attempt, but a deeper look revealed that Amazon Mexico (???) had initiated the account closure! Why – I suppose nobody knows, since I was only trading in the USA and Canada. Of course, panic struck, I called Amazon.com (USA) and Amazon.ca (Canada) and spoke to the seller performance team…and guess what… they didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. They were also unable to contact their colleagues in Mexico.

Having developed the entrepreneurial mindset over the short time I had been in the online game, I sat down and developed a plan of action.

affiliate mark tiny bannerAlthough I was going to fight tooth and nail to get my Amazon account back up and running, I realized the volatile nature of Amazon and needed to give my attention to another area of online business I had been working on for some time – Affiliate marketing.

affiliate mark DEFINITION

But, business was going nowhere fast – it was a slow process with just enough earnings to keep me at break-even. I’d watched so many YouTube videos, read so many blogs, signed up for mini courses…and nothing changed!

There had to be something out there which would help me make it big in affiliate marketing. I never believed in giving up, so I continued to search until one day…

Micheal Cheney (sorry I haven’t added his photo yet!) invited me to a live webinar promising big things – I’d heard it all before…the same old affiliate rhetoric – I thought. But – Mr Cheney was dead right. He had paved the way for me, and all I had to do was follow his clearly laid out plan.

Immediately, I registered on iPro as a partner, followed some of their marketing tips, and before long I was making hundreds of dollars worth of commissions. So – to cut a long story short, iPro was my savior.

What I would like you, the reader, to take away from my experiences is that you must NEVER give up searching for the means to your goals. einstein

You’ll go through numerous phases of the business – some of which will slow you down, others which will give you hope and despair at the same time, and yet others which will fill you with excitement – you got it, it’s a roller coaster ride.

Don’t allow the bumpy tracks of the ride make you quit. Go with the flow, bear patiently, and expect to reap the rewards on the way.

Take special care.

zaf_2016 bw_smallZaf. (co-founder of Free Money Deals)